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A potent blend of communications, journalism, and public relations expertise — that’s what you get from Ripson Group. For the past two decades, we’ve gleamed the insights and developed the grit critical to navigate media’s rough terrain.

Media Relations & Strategic Communications

At Ripson Group, we posses the media savvy to help your company shine. We’ve developed strategic communications programs for a range of industries. Our capabilities encompass complete communications strategy programs. We obtain exclusive interviews, stage media round table events, support press conferences, draft editorials, and craft case studies.

Crisis Media Consulting

When your company faces a crisis — and droves of reporters — Ripson Group draws upon our news-veteran background to craft pitch-perfect messages. We offer 24/7 crisis consulting and training. No PR emergency is too big or too small, and we’ll guide you well after the crisis has ended.

Media Training

Before a crisis occurs, we’ll teach you the skills essential to perform a successful, on-message, neutral-to-positive interview. With deep broadcast and print journalism experience, Ripson Group offers proven tips for handling the toughest interviews. We offer in-depth training sessions as well as phone consultations. Learn the power of keeping on-message while still keeping it conversational.

Design & Copy

Whether it’s a new visual identity, a brochure, a press releases or refreshed web content, Ripson Group has the creativity to make your brand sing. Our award-winning design and copywriting professionals are ready to listen, brainstormm, generate options, and do whatever it takes to send your business to the next level.

Video Production

Because our founder is a broadcast journalism veteran, Ripson Group has an affinity for professional video production. If you need to develop a video news release, company training video, or corporate video, then know that we partner with the best to deliver a sophisticated product. We also have the ability to develop customized videos for the distribution online.


We have relationships with several top-notch research and measurement firms and are pleased to be the conduit between you and them.

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